The Public Fields.

All my open-source projects can be found on GitHub. Selected few of them are shown below.


Reikna is a library of GPGPU algorithms written in pure Python. Its features an explicit separation of preparation and execution of GPU kernels, and a separation of core algorithms and elementwise transformations.


PyFFT contains the Apple's OpenCL FFT example ported for PyOpenCL and PyCUDA. It is going to be replaced by Tigger eventually.


Orolo is a small menulet for OSX that replaces the clock and shows upcoming events instead.

Poetic Edda

The digitized English--Old Icelandic diglot of the Poetic Edda.

Multi-language typographic map

Map of the world consisting of country names in their official languages.

Вселенная Александра Казакова

Архив эссе из журнала "Подводная Лодка".